Investment networks. Connected.

We provide private platforms connecting professional investors to new opportunities, in their organisation and other leading networks using our tech.

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Selected Clients

London Stock Exchange Elite Program
Founders Factory

State Of The Art

  • Investment opportunities managed across your entire organisation, in private
  • Bespoke, white label platform integrated with your existing systems
  • Deployed in one day, fully customisable and compliant out of the box


  • Modular architecture designed to support organic, long-term relationships
  • Range of tools to simplify interactions within complex networks
  • Full control of privacy and permissions to manage each transaction step seamlessly

Access to
Wider Private Market

  • Connect with other private networks through THE HUB – on your own terms
  • Protect your brand and grow your investor network, whilst staying connected
  • Connect to uncover untapped opportunities and exclusive club deals

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" With networks of networks such as THE HUB increasingly aggregating investment communities with specific interests and connecting them to adjacent communities focusing on next financing stages, a new fabric is emerging. Euromoney’s guess is that more creativity is already at work in the bigger story of transforming private markets."     Euromoney

We serve leading networks across the private investment spectrum


Exchanges, Banks, Brokers and Funds can originate and execute illiquid investment opportunities privately while managing and scaling their organisation internally.

Innovation and
Corporate Ventures

Incubators, Accelerators and Corporate Ventures can manage company cohorts and finance their portfolio while growing their network of investors and partners.

Investment Networks

Angel Networks and Family Offices can follow investments from origination through to exit, with full regulatory compliance for promotions.

THE HUB is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


THE HUB is a neutral partner helping client networks uncover new opportunities. We focus on technology and do not provide advice, originate or manage investments ourselves.
THE HUB encourages collaboration across networks. We work with all types of networks, brokers, advisors and agents.
THE HUB is regulated and understands the value and sensitivity of your financial information. Privacy and security are at the core of our technology and everything we do.

Empower Your Investment Network

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